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To properly preserve, expand and enhance the value of its investment portfolio, the Company provides asset management services through Halferty Management Company. This service organization is based on operational systems that are professionally guided and skillfully controlled by expert personnel. The Company also provides asset management services for owners of retail centers that are independent of Company-owned projects.

The Company has developed a set of strategies to achieve its objectives in the management of the properties it develops. The following is a description of those strategies:

  • To be alert to any unsafe condition(s) that may arise at any project in order to remedy such condition(s) immediately; to maintain proper, clean, sanitary and healthful conditions in all projects; to maintain proper insurance policies for each project.

  • Timely, accurate billings and collections of all rents, charges and reimbursements.

  • “Happy” tenants who feel there is a responsive, caring person interested in their welfare and in the solution to their particular problems. This objective necessitates quick and timely responses, coupled with attention to detail. Tenants should not be made to feel they have an adversarial relationship with property management personnel. The boundaries of the tenant-management relationship are clearly defined by the language of the lease agreement, and both parties should feel bound and protected by these provisions.

  • To preserve and increase the value of every managed property by selecting the highest quality vendors at the most competitive prices; by careful scheduling of property maintenance; by timely cleaning and refurbishing of the property; by approval and payment in a timely manner of all invoices for work performed; by evaluation and recommendations of opportunities to increase revenue and reduce expenses for each project.

  • Timely and accurate reporting to the property owner of the information contained in each of these categories.