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Our History

Halferty Development Company (HDC) was founded in 1980 by James L. Halferty for the purpose of developing mid-rise office buildings and neighborhood shopping centers to be retained as long-term investment properties.

Our Philosophy

Ethics and honesty form the cornerstone of our company. Every aspect of its business relationships--both inside and outside the organization--is based on an inflexible standard of reliability and integrity.

Asset Management

Halferty also provides asset management services for owners of retail centers that are independent of Company-owned projects. We have developed a set of strategies to achieve our objectives in the management of the properties we develops.
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  • Ethics and honesty form the cornerstone of the Company. Every aspect of its business relationships–both inside and outside the organization–is based on an inflexible standard of reliability and integrity.
  • Real estate development and management is a service business. Satisfied customers create economically viable investment properties; and optimum service, in well maintained, premium-quality work places, is the way in which the Company serves its customers.
  • A harmonious work place increases the productivity of each member of the organization. The Company’s internal policies treat employees with respect and encourage everyone to adopt the company standards and goals for themselves. The Company promotes from within whenever possible, encourages active participation in professional organizations relating to each employee’s particular area of expertise, and provides opportunities for higher education and continuing training programs--all of which, supports a work environment distinguished by an atmosphere of trust, creates a sense of genuine teamwork and encourages each employee to reach his or her individual potential.
  • Quality simply outperforms the marketplace. It is what long-term investment partners seek, tenants expect, government agencies support, and the general public demands. The operations of all Company properties are conducted at a level of quality consistent with the highest standards in the industry–at the same time surpassing the competition in revenue generation and profitability whenever possible.